Part 3 : Mars System

Politics and Administration

The basic nature of Mars is a Colony under the control of the Earth Federation, and the number of Martian settlers has increased. To effectively manage and operate Mars, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) system was introduced. The Mars Autonomous Senatus Parliament exists to create and supplement the rules of the DAO. Senatus members consist of 200, and the members propose amendments to the DAO bylaws through regular or irregular meetings. When voting, anyone with a certain number of Phobos (PBOS) is given the right to vote in proportion to PBOS.

Jurisdiction, Safety, and Diplomacy

Although the basic system of justice is governed by the laws of the Earth, it is substantially influenced by the Mars Autonomy Act. Android is in charge of policing. Sensors or abnormal behavior detection systems installed throughout Mars catch illegal behavior, and Android receives those signals and manages policing activities.

Since Mars Colony is a transnational space built on the balance point between the two powers on Earth, independent diplomacy is not conducted.


The basic currency of Mars: metaverse is MRST, and all economic units and systems function based on it. PBOS is a sub-currency, which is required to participate in the administrative decision-making process of Mars. In addition to the basic income of MRST, users can earn additional MRST by having a job, running a business, or private selling. Users can also earn additional income from hobbies and sports.

Mars Central Bank is the only official central bank on Mars, where MRST deposits and loans are available. In addition, individual NFTs can be traded on the brizzi, one and only NFT marketplace on Mars: metaverse.


New opportunities and education are the biggest issues for Martian immigrants. Reflecting the aspirations of immigrants, the education system is different from Earth. Educational institutions on Mars, called "Demia" and "Keion", cover everyone from kindergarteners to adults and provide customized educational curricula.


Various cultural activities such as art, music, literature, and sports are available on Mars. Several sports, including basketball, racing, soccer, and other hobbies are also available to be played.


There is a number of industries on Mars. There are many jobs and economic activities based on different industries such as tourism, events, automobiles, architecture and construction, commerce, pet, fashion, media, food and beverage, and so on.

Traffic and Weather

The primary means of transportation on Mars are car-sharing, but private ownership is also possible. There are also other means of transportation such as boards, monorails, and motorcycles. The Colony is a dome shape, and thereby no weather exists. However, it is possible to create the weather artificially with the development of technology. Basically, it is always sunny under the transparent dome.

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