The Mars
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Roadmap & Contents Development Schedule

2021. 2Q

Mars Labs LLC. & The Mars Corp. Establishment and Team Building

2021. 3Q

Private Sale The Mars Mining APP Pre-registration

2021. 4Q

Mars: Metaverse Teaser Release MRST Mining App Launching (Opening Score: Google Play Store #2, Apple App Sotre #8, South Korea) Mars: Metaverse Prototype Development

2022. 1Q

The Martian NFT Minting & Sold-out MRST Mining App 1M+ Download

2022. 2Q

Mining Pet NFT Minting & Mining App Application

2022. 3Q

MRST Pre-IEO to the Martians NFT Holder

2022. 4Q

MRST Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing MRST Staking Start (Phobos Token Reward) Land Ticket (PBOS) Deposit Start


1Q. The Mars: Metaverse Early Access Phase 1 2Q. The Mars: Metaverse Alpha Test 1 3Q. The Mars: Metaverse Alpha Test 2 4Q. The Mars: Metaverse Alpha Test 3


1Q. The Mars: Metaverse Early Access Phase 2 2Q. The Mars: Metaverse Close Beta Test 3Q. The Mars: Metaverse Open Beta Test 4Q. The Mars: Metaverse Offical Service
In the first Open Beta Test and the official service launching, following functions and contents of the metaverse are included.
  • Character Customization
  • Clothes Skill Mapping Modification (The Mars Studio)
  • Hobbies (Art, Music, Fishing, Camping, Racing)
  • Sports (Basketball, Soccer, and other Sports)
  • Personal Space Decoration
  • Commercial Space Decoration
  • Item Creation
  • NFT Minting
In the first massive update, following contents will be included.
  • Clothes Modeling Modification & Production (The Mars Studio)
  • Third-party Development Company In-game Addition
  • Commercial Spaces Function Addition (Shopping Mall or Virtual Office)
  • Building Design Modification & Production (The Mars Studio)
  • Colony Competition System
After the first massive update completion, following contents will be developed additionally.
  • Competition of E-Sports league between Colonies
  • AR / VR Platform Expansion
  • Ecosystem expansion through sustainable brand
  • Collaboration Collaboration with K-POP and Global Artists
  • Online-to-Offline (O2O) Service (E-commerce, Concert, Etc.,)