The Mars team believes that the metaverse is the "future that will come eventually", and has started development to overcome the reality that there are a few cryptocurrency businesses.

Mars Labs is developing a metaverse platform, where everyone can make their dreams come true.

In the Mars-themed metaverse platform, there is a small territory (1km in diameter) called a "Colony". Users can own NFT-type Colony, and build a house and/or a commercial building. Also, it is possible to receive a lease using a blockchain-based Smart Contract. By contributing to the Mars: metaverse, users can earn rewards with Mars Token (MRST). The ecosystem is designed to ensure that all the users of the platform can earn MRST through Play-and-Earn (PAE) system.

Different from real life, anyone can have a chance to own their house, and change its size or decoration. You can invite your friends to have a chat, play music and throw a party together in a private place.

Most of the buildings in the Colony can be purchased with MRST and are tradable between users. When purchasing the building, users earn extra space that can be used commercially. Users can also customize the space, such as shopping center, gallery, party hall, classroom, and so on. Additional income can be made through event hosting.

Users can design their own clothes or structures through "The Mars Studio", and publish them as either NFTs or in-game items (UGC items).

Basically, Mars: metaverse aims to become a leading game-focused platform. In the Colony, every activity is related to various hobbies and sports. Furthermore, users can earn additional income by engaging in those activities.

As the platform expands, third-party or indie game developers can make and release their games through "The Mars Game Creator" software. Users can also host sports leagues themselves. Depending on the number of active users, MRST will be used as the reward for game players.

Mars: metaverse gaming platform is currently under development, and is expected to be released in 2023. It aims to be a AAA project that encompasses the blockchain ecosystem, including gaming, e-commerce, performances, virtual business, social networking service (SNS), social networking gaming (SNG), and so on.


Vision: We make the key to the new world.

Mission: To imagine freely, create a games to be proud of, and share it with the world.

Slogan: Space where experience turns into value.

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