Phobos Delegate

Phobos Delegate

  1. Number of Phobos Delegate: 10,000

  2. Phobos Delegate Qualifications: 500 PBOS deposit during the tenure

  3. Term of Phobos delegates: 1 year

  4. Phobos Delegate Election: The first Phobos delegates are selected on a first-come, first-served basis. Afterward, the members with the highest points become the delegate, which is similar to the method of winning the Land ticket. The 30% of most active delegates can be re-elected without competition. As the metaverse platform evolves, the number of 10,000 delegates per Colony can be distributed.

Phobos Delegate Authority

  1. Senatus Parliament Formation & Dissolution: Phobos Delegates may elect new Senatus members every two years. Senatus Parliament is composed of 200 members, and the proportion of members varies according to the proportion of registered users in each Colony.

  2. Legislative Deliberation & Resolution: Phobos Delegates can have a legislative deliberation agency under the Phobos Delegates, and after deliberation on the bills drafted by the Senatus Parliament through the deliberation body, they decide on legislation through delegates voting.

  3. The powers of other delegates are determined by a new law refining by the Senatus Parliament.

Phobos Delegate Incentive

  1. Phobos Delegate Soul Bound Token (SBT): By becoming the Phobos delegate, members can receive the SBT of Delegate issued every year. Having multiple SBTs will bring the members of pride in being influential to others in the world of Mars: metaverse.

  2. Rewards of 50 PBOS Tokens Every Year (10%): By becoming the Phobos delegate and depositing 500 PBOS, members will receive 50 PBOS as a benefit for asset lock-up. Every 4 years, the issuance of PBOS tokens decreases, but the delegate reward does not decrease, and thereby the percentage increases.

  3. MRST Rewards Based on the Number of Legislative Deliberation & Resolution: The main task of delegates is to pass legislation. Failure to participate in resolutions may result in the disqualification of delegates. All voting records are recorded on the blockchain and can be viewed by anyone. As it is not easy to process and vote on numerous bills, a certain amount of MRST is rewarded for each vote participation.


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