Token Usage

MRST received as a metaverse play reward can be used for metaverse gameplay and various activities.

Token Circulation

Land Sale (PBOS)

In the Mars: Metaverse, there is a Land model called “Colony” where users can buy only with PBOS Token. Land can be purchased with Phobos Token (PBOS), and the user must deposit at least 1/10 of the Land price of PBOS to win. (Deposit will be automatically paid upon winning.)

Please refer to the chart about Land sale quantity and price of the first Colony.

Land TypeSizeQuantitySale QuantityRatioPrice






10,000 PBOS






4,000 PBOS






2,000 PBOS






1,000 PBOS





Phobos Delegate DAO (PBOS)

Mars: metaverse has a DAO system called Phobos Delegate and Senatus Parliament. Senatus Parliament is elected by Phobos delegates, and Senatus Parliament is in charge of budgeting and execution.

To become a Phobos delegate, 500 PBOS tokens must be deposited during the term of office, and 50 PBOS can be obtained annually as a deposit reward.

Phobos Delegate is composed of 10,000 members.

Virtual Space Expansion (MRST)

“My Space” and “Commercial Space” given to all users start with a small initial size, and 1 MRST is used to expand the 1㎡ space. Required MRST to expand 100m (width) x 100m (length) = 10,000 MRST

Skin and In-game Item (MRST)

At the beginning of the service, the company develops and sells skins and items to be used in each game and the Mars: metaverse. As the platform evolves, users can trade their own items (UGC) through MRST.

Transaction Fee & Creator Registration (MRST)

When UGC items are traded with MRST, a 10% commission is deducted from the sales amount. 50% of the deducted fee becomes the company profit, and 50% is continuously burned. All registration fees for UGC creators are exempted until the UGC ecosystem is established. When the ecosystem is activated and possible to create and monetize UGC, users must register as a creator to create UGC items.

At this time, MRST, credit card, or in-app payment is used as the currency for UGC creator registration.

Concert (MRST)

Through collaboration with concerts and performances with artists, many users can spend time beyond time and space restraints. Main stage of performances is the Mars Stadium, and 20% of the entrance fee is deducted as a fee. Half of the deducted fee is taken by the Mars, and the other half is burned.

Building and In-game Advertisement (MRST)

The building owner of Mars: metaverse can run different advertisements in their buildings, such as air billboards, banners, and sponsor advertisements by using MRST.

Work-from-home / Online Business (MRST)

In the Mars: metaverse, users can apply for an “office” in addition to the basic “house”. This office can be connected to the “building” in the Colony. If there is no building to be connected to, users can search for it directly with the given unique address. If users register as “my office”, they can move to "my office" space with just a click on the profile UI/UX.

The basic size of "My office" space is about 165㎡, and the company provides a working-from-home solution to office users.

There is an initial subscription fee and a monthly maintenance fee. The monthly maintenance fee is differed according to the size of the virtual space, and a certain amount is charged to expand the space, which becomes the profit of the company.

Users can embody copyrighted designs or items on metaverse, and also register copyrights to prevent copying of newly created products through “The Mars Studio”. Copyrights are issued in NFT form and are perpetual. NFT and copyright registration can only be paid with MRST.

Tax / Penalty (MRST)

Taxes and penalties exist in Mars: metaverse to resolve the gap between the rich and the poor, and prevent crimes. The collected tax is not used for the profit of the company and is used only for the welfare of users in the metaverse or to improve the token ecosystem.

Taxes and penalties collected based on the rules below are budgeted and executed by the Senatus Parliament elected by PBOS Delegates in accordance with the "Tax Usage Regulations" section.

Taxes and fines are as follows:

Property Tax (Land) It is a tax for holding a land. The tax is 2.4% of MRST price, and is deducted from the user's wallet who owns the land by 0.2% every month while holding it. If the tax is arrears for more than 3 months, the bank can forcibly auction the land, and deduct the tax arrears from the auction price. After it, the balance will send back to the user's wallet. (the tax policy can be changed.)

Property Tax (Building) It is a tax for owing a building. The tax is levied at a base rate of 1.2% and 0.2 - 2%, which is a premium depending on size of signboard. 1/12 of the total amount will be deducted form the user's wallet by monthly. If the tax is arrears for more than 3 months, the building will be forcibly demolished by the bank of the Mars, then the owner has to pay for 3 times of the tax amount as a penalty to restore the destroyed building. If the owner builds another new building on the same land, it costs by paying only the owing amount of tax. Penalty (1%, 2%, 3%, 10% of total assets) In order to achieve a healthy society, there is a penalty/fine for the metaverse platform of The Mars. When a user acts that harms society such as a spams, an abuse, a fraud, a sexual harassment, a immorality and a hate crime, is reported by other users, and the penalty/fine is imposed according to the internal regulation of The Mars.

1% of total assets are imposed for the first detection, 2% for the second detection, 3% for the third detection, and 10% for the fourth detection and after. If the fine cannot be paid due to insufficient cash and cash equivalents, the bank of the Mars can forcibly dispose of the user's assets.

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