By accessing the information set forth in this document or any part hereof, you represent and warrant to The Mars Corp. that you unconditionally and irrevocably accept and agree with the following:

This Whitepaper is, written "as-is", to provide business plans and general information of The Mars Corp. and please note that the information on this whitepaper may change if need be during the course of the business development. The Mars Corp. and Mars Labs LLC. or its related corporations and/or corporate affiliates accepts no liability in relation to the whitepaper, or any reliance on the whitepaper, and does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the whitepaper.

The development, distribution and ownership of Mars Token is owned by Mars Labs LLC. in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and is not affiliated with The Mars Corp. in the Republic of Korea.

The risks described below, and or other additional risks presently regarded to be immaterial actually materialize, commercial viability of the metaverse platform of The Mars may be materially and adversely affected, and could result in the destruction of the platform and tokens or and/or the termination of the development or operation of the metaverse platform of The Mars.

  1. The development or deployment of the metaverse platform of The Mars, and other products and services of The Mars Corp. or its related corporations and/or corporate affiliates may fail, be abandoned or be delayed for a number of reasons, including lack of funding, lack of commercial success or prospects, or lack of use by advertisers, publishers, and/or users.

  2. Mars Labs LLC. may lose access to its private keys or be subject to data breach or data loss. Mars Labs LLC. plans on implementing reasonable security procedures, however, Mars Labs LLC. cannot predict the success of any security precautions.

  3. The functionality of the metaverse platform of The Mars is complex, will require enhancements and product support overtime, and full functionality may take longer than expected. The full functionality of such metaverse platform is not yet complete and no assurance can be provided of such completion.

  4. Any third party that gains access to private keys associated with a wallet may be able to gain access to the wallet. Loss or destruction of such private keys may also be irreversible.

  5. The value of cryptocurrencies including Mars Token may drop significantly, depriving The Mars Corp. or its related corporations and /or corporate affiliates or resources required to continue operation.

  6. Cryptocurrencies are subject to regulatory scrutiny by government authorities and other regulatory bodies around the world, and The Mars Corp. or its related corporations and/or corporate affiliates could be adversely affected by one or more inquiries or actions.

  7. Although the Mars Token (MRST) was issued as a ERC-20 token on the Ethereum ecosystem, the company is leaving the doors open for the possibility of migrating to blockchain ecosystem as the development of The Mars metaverse platform progresses.

  8. With ever evolving nature of and advancements in technology including but not limited to code cracking technologies and quantum computing technologies, there is always a chance that the innate characteristics of cryptocurrency including its immutability can be compromised witch can lead to thefts or losses of the Mars Token and/or The Mars Corp or its affiliates.

  9. If there is a massive theft of Mars Tokens as a result of hacking or cracking, the company reserves the right to discontinue existing tokens' block to restart a new block and roll back the chain to a point (snapshot) before the hacking or cracking to restore the token count.

  10. The original version of this whitepaper is in English and translated versions may have inaccuracies or errors. The English version of the whitepaper shall take precedence over the translated versions.

  11. There will be no cancellations of Mars Token purchase, and no refunds for completed purchases.

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