Colony Competition

At the point where the expansion of ecosystem is stabilized, the Colony Competition, the end content of Mars: metaverse will begin.

Colony competition is the end content of Mars: metaverse platform, which promotes the development of colonies through continuous competition and strengthens the sense of belonging of citizens.

In addition, in order to avoid "Pay to Win" and select only competitions such as sports and third-party in-game that can be won only by skill, even a small number or a new colony can achieve victory through fair competition.

Colony competition can be compared to World Game Championship or Olympics which include variety of sports and fun where Colonies with highest score will win the event. And the Colony competition contents could evolve into e-sports where it will bring more liveliness to the platform which in turn making the platform more sustainable for a long time. Colony competition will be composed of most loved sports and games in the Mars: metaverse by users.

We hope that the Colony competition of Mars: metaverse becomes an E-Sport. The success of E-Sport makes a sustainable Mars: metaverse platform possible. The competition of the Colony proceeds with the popular Top 5 - 9 sports and in-game.

The Colony competition is conducted as a tournament or league match, and the winning Colony can receive rewards, such as a 30 - 50% discount on transaction fees within the Colony, and have a chance to win MRST airdrop until the next Colony competition. In addition, additional MRST reward is given to the team that led the championship.

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