Space Expansion and Decoration

In Mars: metaverse platform, a personal space is given to everyone, which can be utilized as a commercial space.

Personal Space Decoration

Mars: metaverse provides a personal 3D virtual space called “My Home” to all connected users. SNG game elements are applied to the outside of “My Space” given to anyone, and when a user move from “My Space” to their home, they can decorate the home interior.

The size of the room can be expanded using MRST, and it can be divided into several floors. If user owns Land, they can connect the Land to house. Even if user does not own Land, they can turn “My space” into a commercial space rather than a home by paying to the Mars.

Function of Personal Space

Users who do not have their land can invite other users or friends to the space through their separate ID.

The number of invitee varies to the space level at one time. Users who have their own land can connect their space to the building, where other users can enter.

According to the space level, there may be a limit on the number of people who can enter at one time, and set to be private. In the personal space, user becomes the host, and they can disable the microphone of the others who enters the space, or restrict behaviors, such as banning and movement pausing.

Decorate Commercial Space

When a user purchases land and installs a building, they are provided with a commercial space separate from "house". Commercial space can be used as a place for various activities, including commerceand activities such as commerce are also possible. How to Use Commercial space:

  • Shopping Mall (Market)

  • Classroom

  • Club

  • Gallery (Exhibition)

  • Virtual office

  • Other facilities to be used for commercial purpose

Function of Commercial Space

The funcions of various types of commercial space will be updated continuously. The shopping mall will also support payment functions, and users have an option to display and sell their skins in the NFT marketplace. Also, functions linked offline may be provided through updates. Various decorative assets, such as lecture halls, clubs, galleries, and virtual offices, will be provided to enable interior design and other functions.

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