In a 3:3 street basketball format, the roles of each position are clearly assigned and the unique dynamics of basketball are utilized.

[Basketball Prototype Playing Scene, front part of the video]

Users can enjoy sports with others, and each sport is as much enjoyable as a single sports game. Sports that require matching are matched based on the Elo score.

  • Calculation method of Elo Score

PA=PA+K(WWe)PA=userscurrentscorePA=userspreviousscoreK=weightfactorW=actualsocre.(win1,loss0,draw0.5)We=estimatedwiningpercentageP'_{A}=P_{A}+K (W-W_{e}) \\\\ \\\\ _{} \\\\ _{P'_{A}\: = \: user's\: current\: score} \\\\ _{P_{A}\: = \: user's\: previous \: score} \\\\ _{K\:=\:weight\:factor }\\\\ _{W\:=\:actual\: socre.\: (win\: 1, \: loss\: 0,\:draw\: 0.5)}\\\\ _{W_{e} =\: estimated\: wining\: percentage}
  • Calculation method of Estimated win rate

We=1/(10(PopPme)/400+1)Pop=opponentsrecordPme=usersrecordW_{e} = 1/(10^{(P_{op}-P_{me})/400} + 1) \\\\ _{} \\\\ _{P_{op}\:=\: opponent's\: record\: -\:P_{me}\:=\:user's \: record}

Sports (Common)

  1. Based on different positions (there may be no positions), the amount of experience that can be rewarded per day is limited.

  2. Compensation by consuming gauge tokens according to win/loss.

  3. If gauge tokens remain, experience points and optional main materials can be obtained.

  4. Optional materials can be selected only for a certain position.

  5. Individual practice mode and friendly mode are not rewarded.

  6. Gauge tokens can be recharged N times per day by consuming gems.


In a 3:3 street basketball format, the roles of each position are clearly assigned and the unique dynamics of basketball are utilized. In particular, in the positional play of basketball, the individual's role in team play is more important.

  • Different positions can be selected and played, such as center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard, and point guard.


  • Clothing and stats for basketball do not exist separately.

  • Users can save and use the outfit for different positions.


  1. Passive, active, basic skill change

  2. Passive

    • Acquirable through the play of the main skill material, and the main option is definite.

    • Based on the grade, numerical range and reinforcement level (number of sub-options) differ.

    • Sub-options are random when reinforcing

  3. Active and basic skill change

    • Without leveling up, created once by dividing the grade itself.

    • Active empowers diverse abilities.


  1. Automatic matching after setting position, clothes, and Runes (ELO rating)

  2. After play ending, rewards based on win/lose

  • With gauge tokens - game point, experience point, and sporadic optional sub-material

  • Without gauge tokens - game point


  1. When leveling up by acquiring experience points for each position, user's ability increases.

  2. Decrease unnecessary stats and increase the necessary stats for the position

  3. Rune Equip: Increases separate Rune slots for each position.

    • Equipable slots increase along with the level, and additional slots can be purchased with gems.

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