Art & Hobbies

In Mars: metaverse, anyone can be the great artist based on their hobbies.

Artistic Activities

Music (Play Instruments)

Users can learn various music instruments such as piano, guitar, base, drum, and so on. By playing instruments, users can also play with the music provided by a server, or play with their own composition. Otherwise, they can buy other songs to play it.

After learning insturments, it is possible that users can neither make a team or not to gather audiences for performing at the concert hall, or busking on the street.


It is also possible to paint a picture in the Mars.

Users can start with a pen to draw at the begininning, and learn crayons, pastels, paints, or oil paintings. After, users can draw graffitis on the street, or draw a caricature. In addition, users can hang their painting at home, hold an exhibition, or sell it as NFT to others.

Other Hobbies

The Mars will not make users always have to do something for playing the game in the metaverse platform. Users can spend time alone in cozy spaces, or having time to heal while appreciating visual and auditory environmental.

The Mars plans and carry out other diverse activities for users.


Users can travel to a virtual space for enjoying camping. The camping space will be a specialized space where users can enjoy a contemplation, or have an relax from conversation with other users. The Mars provides variety of camping spaces so that users can gain unique experiences and various healing elements in a valley, a natural field, a mountain, an oasis in a desert, or an igloos in Antarctica.

Outer Space Travel

Based on the technology used for settling on The Mars, a space tourism is not as difficult as people travelling on the Earth. Users can feel the awesomeness of the universe by themselves, or with friends.

Ride on a small spaceship for travelling or gathering a fleet for riding a space.

Further Contents

It is planned that The Mars will continue to provide tons of enjoyable hobbies and make them better. For example, some users will cheer others while watching the game and enjoying it without playing the game directly, such as by sponsoring their favorite players or clubs.

In addition, "Battle of Colony" where users between colonies can compete like the Olympics or the World Cups, is added as the end content to allow users to stay and enjoy together for a long time in the metaverse platform.

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