Metaverse Rewards

Play Rewards (Play and Earn)

The Mars issues a maximum of 1 billion MRST in the first year of metaverse Play and Earn, and it decreases every year, and issues a maximum of 0.5 billion from the 6th year. As long as the metaverse platform system is live, it will be continued.

It is philosophy of The Mars that not only creators but also users contribute to the maintenance of the Mars: metaverse ecosystem should receive the largest amount of play rewards. Users can spend the MRST given as a reward through different usage in the game. MRST is an essential currency as it is the key currency of Mars: Metaverse.

Users can receive all rewards they can receive on the day when they play for about 3 to 4 hours a day. It is not restricted to play over time, users cannot receive extra MRST rewards.

If the number of daily active users (DAU) is less than expected, the maximum daily amount of MRST acquired is limited to 60. In terms of 20 million DAU, MRST corresponding to the year's maximum issuance is distributed daily. If the DAU is reduced, the number of MRST received per person will increase, but the total issuance will decrease. The reward of MRST follows the formula below.

R=min(1,DcuDmax3)R=ActualissuanceratioDcu=NumberofcurrentusersDmax=NumberofexpectedusersR= min(1, \sqrt[3]{ \frac{D_{cu}}{D_{max}} })\\\\ _{} \\\\ _{R=Actual\: issuance\:ratio}\\\\ _{D_{cu}=Number\:of\:current\:users} \\\\ _{D_{max}=Number\:of\:expected\:users}

Distribution Ratio

The distribution ratio varies according to ecosystem activation (DAU). Please refer to the detailed table below for the ratio by section.

Play Distribution: 60% - 80%

Users are rewarded for creative activities, such as games, lectures, busking, and hobbies within the metaverse.

UGC Game Maker Rewards: 1% - 30%

This is a reward given to the creator when the user plays through the in-game created by The Mars Game Maker. Compensation is given by the share according to the Mean Time Spent (MTS).

Senatus Parliament Budget (DAO): 10% - 15%

It is budgeted by the Senatus Parliament, the DAO of Mars: metaverse, which is composed of Phobos Delegates. Senatus Parliament can spend the budget to expand the Mars: metaverse ecosystem.

Distribution Ratio Simulation

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