Character Growth Elements

The games and hobbies of Mars: metaverse possess individual growth factors.


Depending on victory or defeat for each position, users gain experience and level up.

  • When leveling up, the figures grow, such as running, jumping, fighting, shooting, and passing.

  • Levels and abilities grow independently with different sports and positions. (Faster speed in basketball does not apply in soccer)

As a play reward, option Rune (tentative) can be acquired.

  • Option Rune is divded to two types of passive and active.

    • Passive: speed, jumping, fighting, dribbling, two points shoot (basketball), heading (soccer), etc.

    • Active: two hand dunk (basketball), double clutch (basketball), overhead kick (soccer), etc.

  • Option runes are divided into main options and sub-options. The types and values of sub-options are randomly assigned upon acquisition.

  • Acquired Option Rune can be reinforced as needed.

    • Acquired Option Rune can be reinforced as needed.

  • When reinforcing, the variability of the main option is increased less, but the sub-option is given more randomness so that various combinations are possible.

Growth after Max. Level (Does not take a long time to reach max level)

  • Points (experience) are acquired through play after the max level, and the stats are readjusted accordingly.

  • Reduce the unnecessary stats and increase the necessary stats of users. By customizing the character stats suitable for play, the game is more enjoyable.


Basically, all hobbies will have growth factors.

  • For example, in order to play an instrument, users will increase their proficiency in the instrument through practice, learning the score, and learning playing techniques.

  • In order to draw, users can create various tools (e.g., brush, pastel, paint) and acquire various brushes to draw various pictures.

Growing up in all content is not boring or repetitive, and becomes a fun factor.

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