MRST Mining App (Ecosystem) ver.2

Before the metaverse platform completion, we create an ecosystem in advance through MMA.

The following contents are applied from January 2023. Until then, the rule follows the contents of ver.1.

MRST Mining App Rule ver.1


Due to the feature of the Mars: metaverse platform, it is a core activity to bring as many users as possible in the early stage. If no one has MRST at the time of metaverse launching, its development rate will be quite slow, hindering a sustainable development.

As part of solution, "MRST Mining App (MMA)" is prepared to create the ecosystem and secure liquidity in the early stage of opening.

Users can purchase diverse assets, including “Land” by preparing the initial settlement amount in advance through MMA.

MMA Description

When users access the main screen of the mining app, they can start basic mining (100%) by clicking a "Play" button. At this time, the buggy car will automatically start exploring the surface of Mars and mining. Users can set a team member to accompany the buggy car before the mining, and can invite up to 6 users as a team member. If 5 or more of them are online, extra team bonus of 10% are offered (max. 50%).

There are 4 types of battery sizes (8 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours, 24 hours) depending on the grade of the buggy car. Even if the user closes the mining app on the smartphone, the mining process continues for as long as the battery life. When the battery of buggy car is going out, the user will be informed by mobile notification, and the user can recharge it immediately to start mining again without delay. The MMA does not require any computing power of the mobile device; it does run on the cloud server using AWS. Users can see that even the app is unloaded, the mining is still on-going.

The mining amount is expressed as a hashrate per hour, and as the number of simultaneous users increases, the mining difficulty increases, and the mining amount decreases. In addition, the user can add up to 3 pets, and each pet should increase mining speed by up to 10%.

Mining Rule

MMA Mining Amount Distribution Composition

MMA Basic Mining Distribution 800 Million MRST + Pet distribution 200 Million MRST = 1 Billion MRST in total ※ Basic mining distribution ratio includes invitation rewards, bonus rewards, and other event rewards with Marotto.

Mining Hashrate Composition

Basic mining amount 100% + Invitation rewards 200% +Team bonus 50% + In-game acquisition 50% = 400% in total + Pet fixed hashrate

Hourly Mining Amount per Registered Users

Registered UsersHourly Mining AmountMax. 24H (based on 400%)Max. 1 month (based on 400%)

Less than 1000


192 MRST

5760 MRST

~ 5,000 less



2880 MRST

~ 10,000 less

0.5 MRST


1440 MRST

~ 50,000 less

0.25 MRST


720 MRST

~ 100,000 less

0.125 MRST


360 MRST

~ 500,000 less

0.06 MRST

5.76 MRST

172.8 MRST

~ 1,000,000 less

0.03 MRST

2.88 MRST

86.4 MRST

~ 5,000,000 less

0.015 MRST

1.44 MRST

43.2 MRST

~ 10,000,000 less

0.0075 MRST

0.72 MRST

21.6 MRST

~ 20,000,000 less

0.005 MRST

0.48 MRST

14.4 MRST

Invitation Rewards (+200%)

The more you promote MMA to your friends to expand the ecosystem of the Mars: metaverse, the faster the mining speed increases.

Basic Invitation Rewards

A user receives 1 MRST as a reward per an invitee, and the invitee also gets 1 MRST.

Hashrate Increase Rate

Number of InviteeHashrate Increase Rate

between 1 to 5

10%/person (max. 50%)

between 6 to 10

6%/person (max. 30%)

between 11 to 20

3%/person (max. 30%)

between 21 - 100

1.125%/person (max. 90%)

Team Rewards (50%)

Users can increase the mining amount by having team.

A user can invite up to 6 team members (a total of 7 team members including yourself), and if 5 or more people are online excluding yourself, you will get a 10% (max. 50%) team member mining bonus per person.

The leader of each team can send a message encouraging the team members to mine, otherwise, they can kick the team member out.

In-game (50%)

Every day, users can start basic mining (100%) by clicking a "Play" button. If users complete all in-games, 55% of the extra mining amount can be earned as a bonus. The buggy car has a boost gauge, which has a cooldown of 16 minutes, and a duration for 20 seconds. When the boost mode is on, the buggy car destroys all obstacles, and it is possible to drive at 2x faster than the default speed. (It is possible to get MRST faster)

Also, in the boost state, a magnet function is activated. The magnet function makes the buggy car can easily obtain the mining bonus by pulling coins within a certain distance. The boost time can be shortened depending on the pet's ability, and the boost cooldown is reduced to 5 minutes per pet and 15 minutes in total, so the user can use the boost more often. There are three kinds of gems (sapphire, ruby, emerald) all over the Mars. The user can acquire a character through a random-box of vehicles with longer mining times and spaceship by collecting 10 of each of the three gems and a total 30.

The game mode ends when all the coins and gems dropped on the Mars are collected. Users can start a new game at every 6 am (UTC+9). *Regardless of users mining activity, the bonus time will end after 24 hours once it starts. If the vehicle's battery runs out during the game, the user can recharge it and start over by pressing the "Charge" button.

Mining Pet (+Absolute Value of Hashrate)

There are NFT pets using the mining app blockchain technology, and up to 3 pets can be installed in the mining app. Mining pets increase their mining hashrate according to their unique mining boost value regardless of the number of connected users.

Pet Type & Ability

Pet RarityQuantity24H Hashrate IncreaseGame Boost Decrease


2000 (2%)


-6 sec


5000 (5%)


-5 ~ -6 sec


8000 (8%)


-4 ~ -5 sec


10000 (10%)


-3 ~ -4 sec


20000 (20%)


-2 ~ -3 sec


55000 (55%)


-1 ~ -2 sec

The above effect is for each pet. (If 3 pets, *3 is applied) Due to pet synthesis, the quantity for each grade may change.

Pet Synthesis

Five Normal pets can be synthesized to evolve into Epic, Rare, and Advanced. Normal pets used for synthesis disappear from the user's wallet.


Users can receive the mined MRST with their Metamask or hard wallet. After receipt, all the information is recorded on the blockchain on-chain.

User Ranking

There are user levels depending on the number of invitees, and the monthly withdrawal amount varies for each user level.

Number of InviteeUser RankingWithdrawable Amount (month)




between 1 to 5


100 MRST

between 6 to 10


200 MRST

between 11 to 20


300 MRST

between 21 to 100


500 MRST

over 100


1000 MRST

※ When withdrawing, a certain amount of MRST may be deducted as a withdrawal fee.


Users must go through KYC (Know Your Customer) to withdraw money, and the company retains the withdrawal record.

KYC Period

Holders with and over 2,000 MRST: Jun 1st, 2022 Holders with and over 1,000 MRST: Aug 1st, 2022 Holders with and over 100 MRST: Dec 1st, 2022 Holders with and over 10 MRST: Mar 1st, 2023

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