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The concert will be held at "The Mars Stadium", and the number of people who can enter is unlimited.

The space on Mars: metaverse is largely composed of two parts: Public Channel and Individual Channel.

Public channels are transmitted in common to all individual channels, and individual channels can only communicate within each individual channel.

Up to 300 people can enter the individual channel, and when all 300 people enter, a new channel will be created automatically.

As the number of individual channels is unlimited, users can experience all of Mars: metaverse concerts without any restrictions.

Lecture (Online Class) Talk Show

Lectures and talk shows can be held in buildings within the Colony, etc. If users do not own a building, a rental option is also possible.

The size of the lecture hall is the same as the indoor size of the building, and there may be a limit on the maximum number of people connected depending on the size of the room.

When a lecture or talk show is held in a Rare or higher building, it consists of an individual channel and a public channel. In the Epic building, if there is a limit on the number of users depending on the size of the room, unlimited channels are created and there is no limit on the number of users.

Max. number of user access per Land grade

Normal: 100, Special: 300, Rare: 1,000, Epic: unlimited

Shopping Mall


Anyone can decorate their commercial space as a shopping mall. The Mars supports space decoration through updates.

Sale and Purchase

Once the decoration is complete, users can display specific items in specific locations and set up "for sale". When set up "for sale", the purchase button is activated if another user enters the space and approaches the product.

Users can purchase the product through MRST, and the seller will deduct 10% of the transaction amount paid by the buyer.

Virtual Office


Any user can decorate their commercial space as a virtual office. When organizing a virtual office, the space can be divided into a wall. Users can decorate their office with furniture and interior accessories, and set up a meeting room, separate space for executives, etc.

Role of Space, Movement

A space separated by a wall can only communicate inside the area, and each space can be locked by the host to restrict the access of others.

The office can accommodate up to 300 people per floor. Offices created by users who do not own the building cannot be linked to other offices.

Users who own a building of Special or higher can connect all offices on multiple floors of that building. An office connected to the building can be moved to another office when leaving the office.


  1. Virtual Meeting: The camera and microphone are automatically activated when everyone enters a specific space defined as a conference room. Individuals may have an avatar instead of a camera, depending on their settings. The avatar's mouth moves according to the user's voice and appears as if it were actually speaking. Also, by changing the border color of the speaker's screen frame, accurately expresses the speaker.

  2. Voice Chat Function: As the user and the user's character get closer to each other, their voices become clearer and each other's cameras open.

  3. Other functions will be continuously updated in the future development process.


In the case of B2B offices conducted through paid contracts, hobbies and entertainment within the Colony can be connected to the company's space. Effectively, the company's team members can reduce travel time in the Colony, allowing them to enjoy games more comfortably during off-hours.

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