Clothes Design

Users can design their own clothes and accessories.


Users always crave to build creations that go beyond one's imagination to express themselves. They also enjoy sharing their outcome with others, empathizing with each other, and enjoying the joy of being a creator. With UGC, users can create their designs of clothes or accessories.

We plan to allow users to create their designs of clothes and accessories through UGC. The UGC exists as items in the form of recipes in-game, and to use (wear) them, they must be crafted. The series of crafting formats are the same as the crafting methods of tools and option runes.

The Mars Studio


Users can design their own clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories through “The Mars Studio” and sell them to other users through the market.

In phase 1, editing is possible by changing the "mapping" to the basic costume polygon, and The Mars plan to support new modeling through the phase 2 update.

MRST is the currency, and the earned MRST can be transferred to a cryptocurrency exchange through a personal wallet.

If users want to sell only a limited quantity, they can use NFT to create a limited edition design, and MRST is required to produce NFT products.

Items that are not NFT applied are not recorded on the blockchain and can be sold without a quantity limit.

Skins with limited edition are more scarce than infinite skins, and thereby traded at a higher price.

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