Legal Opinion & Audit

The Mars is always striving for legal and transparent operations.

On July 8, 2022, the Mars team published a legal opinion reviewed by the Shinwon law firm. Based on the Mars: Metaverse white paper, the Legal Advisory Review focuses on 1) whether MRST falls within the category of securities under the Capital Markets Act and 2) a review of MRST on a foreign basis. The legal conclusions reached by the Shinwon law firm revealed that MRST would rarely fall into the category of securities while addressing risks posed by regulatory uncertainty.

Smart Contract Audit

Haechi Labs audited Mars: Metaverse and smart contracts. No issues were found in a total of 4 evaluation criteria. Haechi Labs conducted an audit focusing on whether the implementation and design of the smart contract created by the Mars: Metaverse team is well implemented and secure in terms of security as specified in the published material.

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