Game Maker


Although the functional aspect of the metaverse platform is important, it should be enjoyable for sustainable development and an influx of users. As the ecosystem develops along with hobbies and sports, which are the basis of Mars: metaverse, and third-party developers are recruited. A certain percentage of the MRST will be distributed to third-party developers according to their usage to be used in the metaverse.

The in-game of Mars: metaverse pursues a game of scale and perfection that even adults can enjoy, rather than a game that anyone can easily make. Therefore, we continuously strive to make well-made in-games with several third-party developers rather than individual developers. The Mars supports third-party and indie game developers to develop stable and high-quality The Mars in-game by creating MRST fund of the initial partner's stake.

League Match and Map Editor

Although it is difficult for users to directly participate in game development, they can design sports and in-game use maps or change rules through "The Mars Game Maker", and use their PBOS tokens to directly play league matches.

Users can plan and hold the event, and also create their own maps to be used in a certain league.

When the league match is confirmed, they can be rewarded with some of MRST as a game creator, and the reward ratio varies to the activity of the league match.

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