Part 1 : Immigration from Earth to Mars

Mars is a place where the longings of the past, the efforts of the present, and the hopes of the future coexist.

Situation of Earth

The Earth situation is largely divided into (1) political and geographical situation, (2) neutral situation of Earth, and (3) environmental situation.

First, the existing Earth is under the power of two great powers: the oil-based southern country and the natural gas-based northern country, with the rest of the world moving towards their own interests. People dreams of a utopian life on Mars, as Mars development and migration can resolve several difficulties of the Earth due to population growth.

The Neutral Zone is a neutral space originally created for Mars immigration. The headquarters of the Earth Federation and the Immigration Office of Mars are located in Antarctica, where the headquarters of this neutral zone is located. The Mars Immigration Bureau oversees all operations on Mars. Advances in technology have made travel to Mars less expensive and time consuming, and thereby tourism, conventions, and concerts have increased in number.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem of Earth is the environment. Armament expansion and local conflicts are causing carbon emissions exponentially, which has caused the Earth to rapidly warm up. People living in the dome are doing fine, but people living in the underground city get no sunlight. In addition, air pollution is serious due to the fine dust emitted along with carbon.

Immigration to Mars

Several technologies have been developed to allow people to settle and live on Mars, as well as the infrastructure for habitability has been established. And thereby, Mars has emerged as the only hope for humanity on Earth. Diverse technologies necessary for the migration to Mars have been particularly developed. Above all, space elevator, space shuttle, dome technology development, water and oxygen generation efficiency, organic material synthesis technology, invisible coating technology, development of moving surface induction technology with low body temperature, and image reproduction technology using dome are the representative developed technologies.

The New Humanity Immigration Protocol to Mars is carried out in stages, and screening and selection are made by the <Mars Immigration Bureau> under the <Earth Alliance>. And after, the decision is made to move to Mars.

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