The Mars
Token Economy & P2E
A token ecosystem maintains that the metaverse platform of The Mars, and the value of Mars Token should be preserved.

Mars Token & Phobos Token

Mars Token (MRST) MRST is the key currency in the metaverse platform of The Mars. It must be released amount of 50 billion, and there is no further issuance. 40 billion, 80%of the total issuance, will be issued for 30 years in the metaverse platform.
Phobos Token (PBOS) PBOS is the governance token of The Mars. There is no limit to the number of issuance, and it only 10,000 are created in Colonies around the countries everyday for 5 years. (3,650,000 per year for 5 years, 3,660,000 for a leap year) After the 5th year, the issuance volume will decrease by 20% every year, and from the 11th year onwards, the token will be continuously issued at an annual inflation rate of 5% of the existing issuance volume.

Play to Earn

The Mars distributes 40 billion of MRST, which is 80% of the total issued volume, as play rewards or contribution rewards of ecosystem for about 30 years (including a mining app).
a largest amount is rewarded with the play to earn (P2E), which is the philosophy of the Mars that not only creators but also normal users contribute to the maintenance of the Mars' metaverse ecosystem.
Users can use the MRST given as a play reward to purchase land or to buy character skins or contents (UGC) created by creators.
User can receive all rewards on the day when they play for about 3 to 4 hours.
If the number of Daily Active Users (DAU) is less than expected, the maximum daily amount of MRST acquired is limited to 75. Each year, the expected DAU is set, and if the number if not met, a significant number of issued tokens are burned without distributing them according to the number of users. 1% of the incineration amount will be airdropped to all users. MRST rewards are determined according to the formula below.
R=min(1,DcuDmax3)R=ActualissuanceratioDcu=NumberofcurrentusersDmax=NumberofexpectedusersR= min(1, \sqrt[3]{ \frac{D_{cu}}{D_{max}} })\\\\ _{} \\\\ _{R=Actual\: issuance\:ratio}\\\\ _{D_{cu}=Number\:of\:current\:users} \\\\ _{D_{max}=Number\:of\:expected\:users}

Distribution Ratio

Play Distribution 65% ~ 80% Users are rewarded for activities such as games, lectures, busking, hobbies, and etc. in the metaverse platform of The Mars. Reward of UGC Game Maker 10% ~ 20% This is a reward given to the creator when users play the in-game created by The Mars Game Maker. Compensation by converting to stake percentage according to MTS (Mean time spend) Reward of De-Fi, Staking and Invitation 10% ~ 15% This is a reward given when users stake or deposit their MRST or PBOS in the deposit pool of DeFi bank of The Mars, or inviting potential users.

Simulation of Distribution Amount (1st year - 2nd year)

※ Download and enlarge the image on the mobile.
※ Download and enlarge the image on the mobile.

Total Distribution in the metaverse

Please refer to the following page for more details: Distribution Plan of MRST.

Circulation Structure of MRST

MRST Usage

There are essential items that can be purchased only with MRST, so that the use and economic cycle continuously.
Items that can only be purchase with MRST - Land purchase & Building purchase or extension - Virtual space extension - Unique item manufacturing - Pay for tax or fine - Copyright registration fee (NFT)

DeFi System (Bank)

DeFi system in The Mars is working as a bank on the metaverse platform. The decentralized DeFi system is algorithmized, and it makes users to be allowed deposit for receiving interests or loans for paying out on the financial rule.
All users share the DeFi Bank, regardless of Colony. (Up to 10 million to more than 100 million users together) 90% of the loan interest paid by the user is given to other users as a compensation of deposit, and 10% is used to develop & maintain The Mars' system.
As The Mars' token ecosystem expands, it expands to swaps and 1:1 deposit pool to make the ecosystem more robust.

Initial Staking Pool and LP Pool

1. MRST Stake - PHOBOS (PBOS) governance token given as a reward 2. MRST+PHOBOS LP Pool - MRST given as a reward 3. MRST+USDT Pool - PBOS given as a reward 4. MRST+ETH Pool - PBOS given as a reward 5. MRST+XRP Pool - PBOS given as a reward 6. MRST+DAI Pool - PBOS given as a reward The base interest rate is set by The Mars every quarter, and the funds required to pay interests are secured from the amount distributed in the metaverse platform of The Mars.
User can borrow the money as a collateral with lands, buildings and items. A loan interest will be paid out from the user's wallet every Sunday. If the owing balance is not repaid more than 4 weeks, the DeFi Bank sells the collateral at the auction. The amount obtained from the auction, the remaining amount after repayment of the loan will be refunded back to the user's wallet. ※ The above list of rewards may be changed according to the policy at the time of actual service.

Tax / Fine

The Mars contains Tax and Fine. It resolves the gap between the rich and the pool, and also prevent criminal activity. A collected tax is not used as the profit of the company, and is used only for the welfare of users or to improve the token ecosystem in the metaverse platform of The Mars.
Collected taxes and fines are budgeted and executed by "The Mars Committee" made up of users, according to the "Tax Usage Regulation". Taxes and Fines are as follows.
Property tax (Land): It is a tax for holding a land. The tax is 2.4% of MRST price, and is deducted from the user's wallet who owns the land by 0.2% every month while holding it. If the tax is arrears for more than 3 months, the bank can forcibly auction the land, and deduct the tax arrears from the auction price. After it, the balance will send back to the user's wallet. (the tax policy can be changed.)
Property tax (Building): It is a tax for owing a building. The tax is levied at a base rate of 1.2% + 0.2~2%, which is a premium depending on size of signboard. 1/12 of the total amount will be deducted form the user's wallet by monthly. If the tax is arrears for more than 3 months, the building will be forcibly demolished by the bank of the Mars, then the owner has to pay for 3 times of the tax amount as a penalty to restore the destroyed building. If the owner builds another new building on the same land, it costs by paying only the owing amount of tax.
20% of a transaction fee All goods traded in the metaverse platform of The Mars, incur a 10% transaction fee, and 20% of the total transaction fee will be returned to tax. Penalty/Fine (1%, 2%, 3%, 10% of total assets) In order to achieve a healthy society, there is a penalty/fine for the metaverse platform of The Mars. When a user acts that harms society such as a spams, an abuse, a fraud, a sexual harassment, a immorality and a hate crime, is reported by other users, and the penalty/fine is imposed according to the internal regulation of The Mars. 1% of total assets are imposed for the first detection, 2% for the second detection, 3% for the third detection, and 10% for the fourth detection and after. If the fine cannot be paid due to insufficient cash and cash equivalents, the bank of the Mars can forcibly dispose of the user's assets.