The Mars
Distribution Plan of MRST
MSRT is initially issued as ERC-20, 50 billion in total. 40 billion, 80% of the total issuance, will be issued in the following amount every year for about 30 years in The Mars' metaverse platform.

Distribution plan in the metaverse platform (80%)

Since the asset value of Mars Token (MRST) in the metaverse platform of The Mars is very important, the initial inflation rate of MRST is adjusted by increasing the issuance amount in response to the increase in the number of users at the beginning of the service. The issuance volume will gradually decrease from the 7th year of service to allow the asset value of MRST to rise steadily.
Users can receive all rewards they can receive on the day when they play for about 3 to 4 hours a day.
If the number of daily active users (DAU) is less than expected, the maximum daily amount of MRST acquired is limited to 75. Each year, the expected DAU is set, and if the number not met, a significant number of issued tokens are burned without distributing them according to the number of users. 1% of the incineration amount will be airdropped to all users.
Mining App
1.0 B MRST
10th Year
2.2 B MRST
20th Year
0.6 B MRST
Open Beta
2.0 B MRST
11th Year
2.0 B MRST
21th Year
0.5 B MRST
2nd Year
2.3 B MRST
12th Year
1.8 B MRST
22th Year
0.4 B MRST
3rd Year
2.5 B MRST
13th Year
1.5 B MRST
23th Year
0.32 B MRST
4th Year
2.7 B MRST
14th Year
1.3 B MRST
24th Year
0.25 B MRST
5th Year
2.8 B MRST
15th Year
1.2 B MRST
25th Year
0.2 B MRST
6th Year
2.8 B MRST
16th Year
1.0 B MRST
26th Year
0.17 B MRST
7th Year
2.7 B MRST
17th Year
0.9 B MRST
27th Year
0.14 B MRST
8th Year
2.6 B MRST
18th Year
0.8 B MRST
28th Year
0.12 B MRST
9th Year
2.4 B MRST
19th Year
0.7 B MRST
29th Year
0.1 B MRST
To maintain the token ecosystem in the metaverse platform of The Mars, 10% of recovered MRST as the company. Profits is burned every year for 10 years after the open beta.

Initial Distribution

Out of a total of 50 billion MRST, 100 billion will be used for initial service development costs and ecosystem creation by the company.
3% of the total issuance amount for NFT (1.5 billion) In the metaverse platform of The Mars, there are various NFT items such as lands, character skins, UCG items, so that these tokens are used to issue NFT.
7% of the total issuance amount for development funds (3.5 billion) The funds to create the worldview of The Mars' metaverse platform are used only for R&D expenses and the company expenses. When it is sold on the exchange, it is announced through a market disclosure of The Mars.
5% of the total issuance amount for partner allocation (2.5 billion) This is the amount to be distributed to partner companies (including exchange) such as 3% for blockchain and third-party development companies, and 2% for metaverse service developers, freelancers, advisors, broadcasting streamers like Youtube and Twitch. Partner-allocated MRST can be distributed according to a lump-sum payment or a lock-up schedule.
2% of the total issuance amount for sales & incentives / liquidity supply (1 billion) This is the amount to be distributed for private sale and public sale, and includes the amount of private bonus. Issued MRST as sales is distributed according to the lock-up schedule.
3% of the total issuance amount for share of team members of the company (1.5 billion) This is used as an incentive to reward existing team members who are creating the metaverse platform of The Mars and to compete to secure remarkable development manpower (team members).

Information of token distribution

Total Issuance of Mars Tokens
50,000,000,000 MRST
Amount of Locked-up Tokens
50,000,000,000 MRST
Total supply in circulation of MRST
Total Market Value of MRST
Total supply in circulation of PBOS
Total Market Value of PBOS
Amount of Private Sale
148,941,500 MRST
Amount of Pre-sales
Amount of Paid for partners
55,800,000 MRST

Lock-up schedule

All distributed MRST are locked up according to the conditions below.
  • 100% of MRST shall be locked up before being listed on any of the first third-party exchanges.
  • The first 10% shall be unlocked a week before being listed on the exchange, only if a seller is aware of the listing date specifically; otherwise immediately after being listed on the exchange.
  • 5% of the Tokens shall be released every month after Tokens’ first listing
  • Additional 10% shall be released each time Tokens get listed on the exchanges.
Once the Tokens are released, they can be traded in third-party exchanges or individually. The company may not know the exact listing date if exchanges don’t inform the company. Tokens may be released in random to prevent releasing large amounts all at once. Locked up schedule can be changed for the price protection and/or market stability of the Tokens by the company.