The Mars

Token Distribution (MRST)

Initial supply of 5 billion Mars Tokens (MRST) will be issued on Polygon Chain, Ethereum’s Layer 2 platform, and maximum 1 billion in the first year within the metaverse platform

Initial Supply Token Distribution

Total of 5 billion MRST will be used for early stage development and ecosystem creation.

20% Ecosystem - MMA (1 Billion MRST)

In order for the Mars: metaverse platform to develop rapidly in the early stages, a certain amount of MRST and more than 100,000 users are required.
MRST Mining App is used to create an ecosystem before the metaverse platform is released, and it utilizes a form of mining that consumes as little electricity as possible and allows a continuous deflationary model to operate.

20% Service Development Fund (1 Billion MRST)

The funds used to create the world of the Mars: metaverse. This is used only for R&D and company expenses. When it is sold on the exchange, it is announced through the Mars disclosure agency.

20% Partner Allocation (1 Billion MRST)

This is the amount to be distributed to our blockchain and third-party development partners (including exchanges). It is assigned to development partners, individual developers, and advisors related to the Mars: metaverse services. This amount is also reserved to be distributed to marketing partners such as YouTube creators and Twitch streamers. Partner-allocated MRST can be distributed by either a lump sum payment or a lock-up schedule.

8% Private Sale (0.4 Billion MRST)

This is the quantity for the initial seed funding and block deals with VCs. There is a protection period (lock-up) to minimize the impact on the market price of MRST.

4% Public Sale (0.2 Billion MRST)

The public sale amount will be sold through the exchanges’ IEO launchpad platforms and IEO for the Martians NFT holders.

8% Liquidity Provision & Marketing (0.4 Billion MRST)

It is used to provide initial liquidity when listing on CEX and DEX, airdrop for marketing purposes, and as a prize for various promotions.

20% Team Allocation (1 Billion MRST)

It is used as an incentive to reward the founders and team members who are creating the world of the Mars, and to secure superior development team members in the competitive job market.​

Token Distribution Information

Amount (2022-10-31)
Total Supply of MRST
4,991,548,440 MRST
Burned Amount
(8,451,560) MRST
Amount Locked Up of MRST
4,976,691,553 MRST
Private Sale Amount
155,941,500 MRST
Pre-sale (Pre-IEO) Amount
6,548,440 MRST
Team & Advisor
55,800,000 MRST

Circulating MRST (2022-10-31)

Amount (2022-10-31)
Private Sale Amount
Pre-sale (Pre-IEO) Amount
6,548,440 MRST
Metaverse Development
5,000,000 MRST
Liquidity & Marketing
746,680 MRST
Ecosystem (MMA)
2,561,767 MRST
Team & Advisor
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Lock-up Schedule

The lock-up schedule applies to all MRST private sale participants, advisors, ambassadors, and moderators. The lock-up schedule may be rescheduled according to the MRST market price.
  • Holders with over 100,000 MRST
    For one month (30 days) after listing, 10% of the total quantity is divided daily and the lock-up is released.
  • From the 2nd month, 5% of the total monthly quantity is divided every day and the lock-up is released.
  • Holders with and under 100,000 MRST
    For 10 months (300 days) from after listing, 10% of the total monthly quantity is divided every day and the lock-up is released.