The Mars
Content Calendar
Apart from the roadmap, "The Mars" introduces in more detail about contents added to the metaverse platform by time.

Phase 1: in 2023

At the period of 1st beta test & the official release, it contains contents & functions of The Mars' metaverse platform as like a below:
  • Character Customization
  • Modification of Costume Skin Mapping (The Mars Studio)
  • Hobbies (Drawing, Music, Fishing, Camping, etc.)
  • Sports (Basketball, Soccer, etc.)
  • Private space decoration
  • Commercial space decoration
  • Item crafting
  • NFT Minting
  • DeFi Bank

Phase 2: in 2024

The first major update includes:
  • Costume modeling modification & production (The Mars Studio)
  • Adding Third-party developer in game
  • Add functions to commercial spaces (shopping malls or virtual offices)
  • Design modification & production of the building (The Mars Studio)
  • Colony Competition System

Phase 3 : After 2024

​After the first major update is complete, The Mars is continuously being developed followings.
  • Competition of e-sports league between colonies
  • Expanding AR/VR platform
  • Expending ecosystem through continuous brand collaboration
  • Collaboration with K-pop and global artists
  • Linking with offline services (e-commerce, concerts, etc.)