The Mars
Users' enjoyable gameplay is the top priority in The Mars.

Hobbies in Game

In the metaverse of The Mars, users can freely have various hobbies that are difficult to do in real life due to the limitation of time and space.
A User can play sports like soccer or basketball with others, draw a picture and hang it at home, display it, or sell it to others. The user can also play the musical instrument to perform a busking or make a performance with others on a stage. Go camping to various places to relax, or to chat with others they like.

Character Development

Each hobby contains a growth factor.
In various sports, users can enjoy the fun of finding a combination that suits them by gradually growing their physical ability and acquiring various skills through the play rather than a "pay to win" method.
When drawing, users can start with a pen and learn crayons, pastels, paints, oil paintings, etc. Later, users can draw graffiti art on the street.
As a musician, users can play instruments, improve their proficiency, and learn various techniques to perform with a high degree of perfection.
Other hobbies will also give opportunities to enjoy their hobbies, grow little by little, or have the fun of learning new thigns.

Farming & Making

Users create necessary items themselves to use for their hobbies.
All created items could be used for not only sports, playing music and camping, but also clothes and accessories. Users may obtain some materials by crafting them. All materials will be available for sale and purchase through user-to-user transactions.
The Mars doesn't want to make users do 'farming' or 'playing games' repeatedly for upgrade their craft skills without fun.


Users can create their own designed-apparels, accessories and any items relative with fashion. It also should be traded between users on the NFS marketplace.