The Mars
Creator Rewarded Content
The existence of creators on the metaverse platform is very important, and creators can acquire more MRST, which are given to normal users as play rewards, by following the activities below.

The Mars Studio

Custom Skins

As a creator, users can design their own clothes, shoes, bags and accessories through "The Mars Studio" and sell them to other users on the marketplace. In phase 1, the editing is possible by changing the "mapping" to the basic costume polygon, and The Mars plans to support a new modeling through the phase 2 update.
The currency at this time is MRST, and the acquired MRST can be transferred to a cryptocurrency exchange through a personal wallet.
If users wants to sell only a limited quantity, they can use NFT to create a limited edition, and MRST is required to produce NFT products. Normal items, NFT is not applied, are not recorded on the blockchain and can be sold without a quantity limit.
Limited edition skins have more scarcity than infinite skins, so they can be traded at a slightly higher price.


Generally, users can only build a building on their own land, and there are restrictions on the buildings that can be built depending on the land use.
Users can purchase buildings through the marketplace and change the appearance of the building.
At this time, the size of the signboard or billboard is different for each building, and the size is affected by the property tax. Creators can design buildings through "The Mars Studio" and sell them to the marketplace in the metaverse platform of The Mars. It also will be implemented to enable a conversion in professional tools such as 3D Max, Sketchup and Blender on the further update.

Game Maker


Although the functional aspect of the metaverse platform is also important, it should be a fun for the continuously increase playtime and influx of users. As the ecosystem is being grown along with activities like hobbies and sport, The Mars recruits third-part developers. Third-party developers will be provided a certain percentage of MRST distributed in the metaverse platform differentially according to user usage of the game. The In-game of The Mars' metaverse platform is a game that adults can enjoy rather than a game that anyone can easily make, and striving to make well-made in-games with several third-party developers rather than individual developers. The Mars supports third-party and indie game developers to develop stable and high-quality in-game by funding with MRST of the initial partner's share.

League match and Map editor

Ordinary users who are difficult to participate in game development, are also able to customize in -game contents through "The Mars Game Maker". They can change the rule of sports, or design in-game usemaps. All users can hold sports leagues using Phobos Tokens, and can create maps to be used in the league matches. Once the league is confirmed, the host can receive some of MRST as creator rewards in the metaverse platform of The Mars, and the reward ratio will vary depending on the activity of the league match.